Group Online Lessons

Class is $5-$15 per session, depending if you have a full-time job at the moment.

Payment accepted by e-transfer (Canada only), PayPal or Square. Feel free to pay after class or pay for a few classes after a few classes. I’m pretty easy going.

The calendar app is open until October 30th. There is no official cancelation policy. If you think you can make it for class, sign up. If life happens and you need to cancel, just click to cancel button so I’m not expecting you anymore.

This is a beginner level class via ZOOM.


Click here  to sign up


These classes are one hour (Eastern Standard Time, -4:00 GMT)


Aug 22 noon

Aug 27 5pm

Aug 28 10pm


This class is 30 minute EXPRESS classes:

Aug 28 1030am

Starting September the schedule will be:

Tuesday noon-12:30pm

Tuesday 9pm-10pm

Friday 1030am-11am

Friday 6pm-7pm


A waiting room will be initiated 15 minutes before class to make sure you are connected and we can start on time.


Please turn your video ON; if you are concerned about privacy, you can turn down the lights, but this is a yoga class and all participants are expected to try the yoga.


Link will be sent automatically when you sign up with payment information. Link will be sent again 2 hours before class.


Cutoff for sign up is 3 hours before class.


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